How It Works

Branded Mobile Apps

Respond to the competition with custom mobile restaurant apps branded to your business. The FoodoYa mobile app shows your restaurant logos and food to your customers and delivers the ultimate brand experience from mobile, web, and store.

Sell more with Foodoya order taking App

immediate and error-free order taking on any mobile device

Leverage smart personalized offers to cross-sell and up-sell

About your customers: new order, past orders, all order and more

Website ordering

Instead of listing customers between competitors and routing to third-party sites that charge a fee for all orders, customers can place orders directly from the website. Customers who do not want to download the app presents a good to use on mobile.

It's still important to know that more than 50% of customers order from websites, not from mobile apps.

Foodoya dashboard

Keep track of your business by accessing data from all existing and new orders. You can check the sales status directly from your restaurant management portal. In addition, new, edit and delete menus are available in Dashboard.

Marketing service

Drive more orders and more restaurant app downloads. Dedicated success teams support customized marketing campaigns to increase customer engagement and increase sales. You can also run email marketing directly from your restaurant.